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A premium urinal accessory that eliminates splash, eradicates organics and malodours found in urinals and drain lines

Uri Pod is the ultimate urinal accessory

Malodour and poor hygiene in a men’s restroom is an age-old problem that, together with any evolution in urinals, has never really been adequately addressed – until now. Almost every urinal device on the South African Market is ineffectual with regards to anti-splash, treatment of malodour (not masking malodour) and eradicating unwanted and harmful microorganisms.

The Uri Pod Range includes the following product:

Formaldehyde/Glutaraldehyde FREE ORGANIC portable toilet solution, odour control & degradation of organics

All products are priced per unit of measure

(per litre, per kg or per unit) 
Price indicated is per 25 bio cubes

Product Dilution

Place the Uri Pod face up in the center of the urinal for best effect

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